Basic Series Carts

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Basic Series Carts


  • Profiles with 1.5 mm wall thickness.
  • Laminated board shelves in antistatic and non-ESD variants.
  • Load capacity of the cart max 100 kg – reinforced version available on request.
  • Option to equip the carts with additional accessories such as, a handle for rolling, two-roller wheels with reduced rolling resistance
  • Stepless height adjustment in the range of 350 mm
  • Available in 3 standard dimensions 50×70, 100×70 and 150×70
  • Standard height: 610-960 cm
  • Other dimensions available on request

Basic Series Carts are designed for general use in manufacturing and warehouse processes. They offer the reliability, simplicity and functionality that are essential for effective material and product management.

The stable construction of Basic Carts is based on profiles with a 1.5 mm thickness of the wall. This makes them solid and durable.

Basic Carts are available in both an antistatic variant, ideal for areas where there is a risk of electrostatic discharge, and in a non-ESD version, suitable for other applications.

The load capacity of Basic Carts is a maximum of 100 kg, which means they can handle both light and heavy loads. That makes them versatile tools in the storage and transportation process.

An additional advantage of Basic Carts is that they can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as a rolling handle or two-roller wheels with reduced rolling resistance. This allows you to customize the cart to meet the specific needs for your own usage.

The Basic Carts also offer a stepless height adjustment of 350 mm, which makes them adaptable to a variety of tasks and makes it easier to work in different conditions.