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  • 0 mm thick sheet metal construction
  • Drawer load capacity 25 kg
  • Full extension guides
  • Central locking mechanism
  • Quiet closing option
  • Four wheels, including two with locking mechanism – for mobile containers
  • Suspended containers are not available for Light Duty tables

Suspended containers and mobile containers on wheels for ESD modular tables are an indispensable tool that incorporates both organizational and safety aspects.

Suspended containers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit a specific production line or individual needs.
By keeping tools and materials organized, suspended containers help to prevent accidental falls or damages caused by cluttered workbenches.

The mobile containers are equipped with sturdy and reliable castors, allowing them to be easily moved around the work site.

The offered containers are coated with antistatic powder paint, which provides additional ESD protection. This is extremely important in the production of electronic components, where even minor release of electrostatic discharge can cause damage.

On the whole, the presented containers are not only an organizational element, but also a key factor in the safety of ESD-sensitive production processes. Their versatility, modularity and anti-static properties make them an invaluable addition to advanced manufacturing environments that prioritize efficiency and safety.