Lighting extension with the rails

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Lighting extension with the rails


  • Dedicated for the installation of work area lighting
  • Two tracks allowing installation of a balancer cart
  • Universal mounting holes allowing installation of any lighting system
  • Maximum load of 15 kg

Each element of the ESD modular table is important – one of these key elements is the lighting extension with the rails for the balancer cart.

The lighting extension is designed to provide even and precise illumination of the work area.

Rails mounted on the lighting extension can be easily attached to the balancer cart. This means that tools and equipment can be suspended within the reach of the worker, increasing productivity and workplace organization.

The lighting extension with rails for the balancer cart is not only a part of the ESD modular table, but it is a vital asset that contributes to the quality of work and its organization. With excellent lighting and integration with the balancer cart, this extension is an indispensable addition to advanced manufacturing environments that focus on precision and high performance.