Perforated panel

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panel perforowany
panel perforowany
panel perforowany
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Perforated panel


  • Available in two heights – 300/600 mm
  • Can be mounted on half of the worktable or on the whole length of it
  • Perforations spaced every 50mm measured from the center of the hole
  • Made of 1 mm thick structural steel

One of the core features of ESD table equipment is a perforated panel.

A perforated panel is a flat surface area with regularly spaced holes to accommodate various tools, holders, baskets and other accessories. This allows workers to keep the necessary tools and materials within their reach, making work more efficient.

The perforated panel can be customized and it can be installed at different heights. Two panel heights are available – 300mm and 600mm.

The perforated panel for ESD modular tables is made of conductive material that provides protection against electrostatic discharge and minimizes the risk of damaging electronic components.

Perforated panels are usually made of durable materials that are both reliable and resistant to mechanical damage. As a result, you can use them for a long time, which contributes to the cost-effectiveness of your investment.