High-quality ergonomic chair with a profiled seat made of high-resilience foam, characterized by a “dynamic backrest”. Suitable for the medical industry. Profiled backrest and seat have height and angle adjustment possibilities, thanks to a gas column and synchro mechanism.
In standard, chair is equipped with a five-branch chrome plated base and casters RS-KCZ/KB coated with conductive rubber, preventing scratching of the floor.

Modifications and additional accessories avaliable,

AVAILABLE MODELS Seat height adjustment range
RS-K20 460 – 430 mm
Technical data: AVAILABLE COLORS
Seat height adjustment range [mm]

 490 • 620 “tolerantion of+/· 2cm

Seat size [mm] 460 x 430
Backrest size [mm] 460 x 500
Backrest / Seat Hardness 25 Shore / 15 or 35 Shore.
Chair comply with the standards PN-EN 1335-1:2004, PN-EN 1335-2:2009, PN-EN 1335-3:2009, PN-EN 1022:2007