Technical Carts

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Technical Carts


  • The cart can be equipped with two-roller wheels
  • Adjustable vertical columns
  • Shelves made of min 1.5 mm thick steel sheet with the option of reverse assembly for a flat working surface
  • Shelves can be adjusted in height and the inclination of the angle can be changed
  • Standard width: 903 cm
  • Standard depth: 625 cm
  • Standard height: 645-945 cm
  • Other dimensions available on request

Technical Carts are versatile tools that can be adapted to individual needs. They provide flexibility and efficiency in the area of technical storage and material handling.

A standout feature of our technical carts lies in their configurability tailored to your requirements. This provides you with the options of personalization of the cart to precisely align with your distinct applications and work process demands.

Technical carts can be equipped with double-roller wheels with higher load capacity and lower rolling resistance.

Vertical columns allow for stepless height adjustment, which is extremely important in applications where ergonomics is critical. This guarantees that your work will be comfortable and efficient.

The shelves, made of steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm, are not only durable but also provide stability for stored materials. The reversible mounting of the shelves allows for a flat working surface, which is important for specialized applications.

The technical carts are designed with adjustable shelf heights and variable inclination angles to optimize ergonomics. This ensures that your tasks can be carried out with enhanced comfort and efficiency.